• Event: Understanding smell and taste at the periphery - a lecture by Boris Shilling

    The British Society of Perfumer's and their flavourist counterparts are jointly hosting a lecture by Boris Shilling on 13th January. Shilling is head of biosciences at Givaudan Fragrances R&T (Zurich) and the title of the lecture is 'Understanding Smell and Taste at the Periphery'.

    During recent years, our understanding of the initial events that form the basis of the chemical senses - smell and taste - has increased substantially. The presentation will cover recent advances in olfaction and gustation research, and provide a perspective on how the discoveries are being used in flavours, fragrances and ultimately in consumer products.
    The lecture is hosted at the Marriott Hotel in Waltham Abbey (UK) and more details can be found on the BSP website.


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      Francop -
      Sounds scientific and very interesting...!!!

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