• Douglas Hannant launches fragrance in collaboration with Robert Piguet

    Fashion designer Douglas Hannant has launched a fragrance in collaboration with Robert Piguet. The scent was created by Givaudan's Aurélien Guichard. The fragrance: Douglas Hannant de Robert Piguet contains notes of Orange Blossom, Pear Granita, Gardenia, Tuberose, Sandalwood, Jasmine and White Musk

    The fragrance is available as Eau de Parfum (1.7oz / 3.4oz) and 1oz Parfum. Stockists are available on the Robert Piguet website.


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    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Very nice indeed...

      Have you had a chance to sample it Grant?

    1. blondex199667's Avatar
      blondex199667 -
      That sounds like heaven! I hope it will be available in the U.S.
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      @Francop - no, not tried it, just reporting it!

      @blondex199667 - yes should be available in the USA, you can order it from the US-based Piguet website listed above (and see US stockists list)
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
    1. Kevin Guyer's Avatar
      Kevin Guyer -
      Douglas is a good friend of mine. I was told that it's an update on Fracas. I can't wait to sample it.
    1. blondex199667's Avatar
      blondex199667 -
      Let us know if/where it hits the counters in the U.S!
    1. granola357's Avatar
      granola357 -
      The Piguet reissues have been of such high quality that I'm sure this will be wonderful.
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      I would love to see Cravache with the leather note restored.
    1. RHM's Avatar
      RHM -
      Aurélien Guichard is one of my favorite perfumers. I definitely want to try this.

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