• Dunhill Custom - New Men's Fragrance

    Dunhill Custom is the latest fragrance from Dunhill. The scent contains notes of English Pippin Apple, Black Pepper, Incense and Woody Notes. The bottle is a solid glass flacon with square shoulders and a heavy monogram-embossed bottom base.

    The cap can also be customised. Buyers of the fragrance can request a monogram or initials which are then hand engraved on to a solid aluminium plate, which slips on to the cap of the fragrance.

    Available now at Harrods as 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette and 200ml Shower Gel.


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    1. Partagas's Avatar
      Partagas -
      Can't wait to try it. Sounds very interesting.
    1. HDD8's Avatar
      HDD8 -
      Hmmmm.... sounds interesting..... I'm very tempted! And Harrods have it available on their website...... watch this space.
    1. DULLAH's Avatar
      DULLAH -
      Could this be the first Aventus spin-off from a major house ? Might those woody notes include birch moss and patchouli ?
    1. Diamondflame's Avatar
      Diamondflame -
      I wouldn't count on it. The 'custom' engravable top plate sounds like a sales & marketing gimmick to make up for the fragrance's shortcomings. Maybe I'm just not a fan of black pepper & woods combo...
    1. Partagas's Avatar
      Partagas -
      I agree about the engravable plate...sounds a bit cheesy. But with a description of Black Pepper, Incense and Wood I can't wait to try it.
    1. Dixon Cider's Avatar
      Dixon Cider -
      not expexting much from this
    1. graffham's Avatar
      graffham -
      Has anyone tried this yet? And is there ANYTHING to hope for from the spring release season?
    1. Marshmellow's Avatar
      Marshmellow -
      Any news of this fragrance?

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