• Floris harks back to its roots for two Minorcan themed scents: Mahon Leather and Sirena

    The Spanish Island of Minorca (or Menorca, if you'd rather) is famous for several things: Cheese, Gin, Shoes, being the apparent birthplace of Mayonnaise, and also having the second deepest natural harbour in the world. It is also the birthplace of Juan Farmenias Floris (pictured), founder of the house that bears his name (The house was founded in 1730, and today is still family owned and run by descendents of J.F Floris). To celebrate their heritage Floris are launching two Minorca inspired scents, created by in-house perfumer Shelagh Foyle.

    Sirena is described as a "sparkling floral marine fragrance with the freshness of a sea breeze". Notes include oleander, peony, rose, summer berries, musks and sandalwood. The fragrance is inspired the bronze mermaid statue in the harbour of Minorca's capital Mahon.

    Mahon Leather is a woody fragrance with vetiver, saffron and leather. It is inspired by the leather tack worn by the Minorcan Horse - symbolic of many cultural celebrations and fiestas on the island.

    Both scents are available as 100ml Eau de Parfum from early September 2011.


    1. Shelagh Foyle
    2. Floris


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    1. Nymphaea's Avatar
      Nymphaea -
      It is very nice to be reminded of Floris and their sterling place in the perfume chronicle. It's comforting to know they are still around and being innovative, especially in these trying times. The new perfumes sound delightful!
    1. queen_sheba's Avatar
      queen_sheba -
      I only heard of these guys when i got a sample from a BN'er. Glad I discovered them - Sirena sounds right up my street!!
    1. the_good_life's Avatar
      the_good_life -
      Uh, when I read "harks back to its roots" I thought it might mean back to using decent materials for their perfumes. But this sounds more like a desperate, de-Anglicizing "I want to be La Martina" effort. Not holding my breath...though the second one at least sounds nice, while Sirena will evidently be a copy of some awful fruity-aquatic celebuscent.
    1. Aztecface's Avatar
      Aztecface -
      A Spanish Leather by Floris. Very interesting.
    1. sioned's Avatar
      sioned -
      Am new to this site - I have a bottle of Tantivy Burning Essence - is this still available????

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