• New DKNY Gift-with-purchase: A tin of beans

    Well, bean rather than beans. From this week UK stockists of PureDKNY have the chance to pick up a 'Bean in a Can' as a gift with purchase. DKNY say: "This pureDKNY plant is a wonderful way for her to have a piece of nature no matter where she is and a living reminder that no good deed goes unnoticed. Though small in size, the pureDKNY plant is part of the bigger picture. It’s a movement that starts with one person, one purchase, and one purpose"

    Available at UK stockists (0870 034 2566) now.


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    1. Sybarite's Avatar
      Sybarite -
      Sorry, but this is a ridiculous idea ! ... Just about everyone already has a bean & a can at home if he really felt the need to grow his own damned beanstalk. What a cheap pointless gift.
      ... I mean if it was rather perhaps a freesia or something, like one of the actual ingredients in the perfume ~ then that would have been a much lovelier idea. But a bean ??? WTF ???
    1. Nukapai's Avatar
      Nukapai -
    1. Attar's Avatar
      Attar -
      I'll admit a tin of beans does not sound too appealing as a free gift but I do appreciate the idea behind it all. I have an allotment near my house where we grow our own vegetables and herbs but never a beanstalk. lolol

      But i can't see people actually growing them... and all i have is this picture in my head of all these people going out to buy the perfume and tossing the beans out the window just like Jacks mother did in the story.

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