• Demeter launch roll-on fragrances

    Demeter Fragrance Library have launched a roll-on fragrance version of all the fragrances in the Classics and Naturals scent ranges. The roll-on's are alcohol free and contain safflower oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E to soften skin.

    Demeter say that they are "conveniently sized, to fit inside the tiniest clutch or makeup bag, or even the coin pocket in your jeans.". Basenotes say "Does anyone actually use the coin pocket on your jeans for anything, anyway?"

    Demeter Roll-On Perfume Oils are available as .29 fl oz / 8.8ml and cost $10 for Demeter Classics and $12 for Demeter Naturals.


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    1. elmsyrup's Avatar
      elmsyrup -
      Ooh, this sounds gorgeous. Will look out for them! Anyone know any UK stockists?
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      I don't think Demeter is available in the UK currently. I needed to get some recently, and I found a few UK sellers on eBay, but I had to get others shipped from the US. If anyone knows otherwise please chip in!
    1. d4N13L's Avatar
      d4N13L -
      Oh, vanilla cake batter sounds delicious!

      And Gin & Tonic and Pure Soap souds very refreshing.
      The prices also is very good. This lasts sometime, with some sillage?
    1. Pamplelune's Avatar
      Pamplelune -
      Grant, I think I have seen Demeters at Liberty's, but this was a couple of years ago. I hope these perfume oils last longer than their sprays.
    1. cformosa4's Avatar
      cformosa4 -
      I have been lucky enough to have received about 30 of Demeter's scents, but I was dissapointed in most of them becuase they didn't live up to their descriptions. With that being said, some of them actually did smell exactly like the actual thing (early grey tea is awesome) but the longevity is poor; probably due to the "cologne splash" concentration. Hopefully these perfume oils have a larger concentration of scent and last longer.

      I am excited to try their naturals though!
    1. knit at nite's Avatar
      knit at nite -
      I saw some of these yesterday in my local Rite Aid pharmacy. There were only three scents represented- Soap, Baby Powder, and Vanilla Cake Batter. I liked the Soap and Baby Powder (which did not really smell exactly like baby powder & I swear there was a touch of animalic in the smell), purchasing those two for $5 each plus our 8% tax.
      They are tiny vials- in fact I have misplaced one already in the caverns of my handbag LOL
    1. d4N13L's Avatar
      d4N13L -
      They last long?
    1. kmfdm10392's Avatar
      kmfdm10392 -
      I'm a fan of a handful of Demeter's scents, and just got three in the mail. My big concern is the apparently cheap oil they used as a base. They all three feel heavy and quite "greasy" and one, Laundromat, is so heavy all I can smell is the oil, not the fragrance. It reeks of cheap vegetable cooking oil, and absolutely nothing else. I won't be buying any more of these.
    1. PradaG's Avatar
      PradaG -
      I dont like greasy feeling colognes like that.

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