• Piguet show Basenotes their Swarovski bottles and talk about future plans | News from Pitti Fragranze

    Robert Piguet are showing their Swarovski bottles of Fracas, which are available exclusively in the Black Hall in Harrods. Visa will also be available in the same bottle. The large 1 litre bottle is £8,500 and the 60ml is a slightly more affordable £700.

    Also on show was their recent Douglas Hannant fragrance, which they recommend to people who like Fracas but find it a bit too strong. In the future, the company are looking to launch a fougere fragrance and an oud fragrance, which will be new, however they also have plans to reintroduce more from their back catalogue.


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    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Dios Mio...!!!

      Am so excited...need to book a train jouney down to London to have a good look at these new jewels...
    1. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
      Sorcery of Scent -
      An Oud fragrance? *sigh* No innovation then... Only imitation.
    1. Pour_Monsieur's Avatar
      Pour_Monsieur -
      WOW that litre bottle is outstanding ....
    1. Sybarite's Avatar
      Sybarite -
      Yes , as much as I luv OUD (which I do !) , I'm rather more tempted to shout : ENOUGH NOW ! ... Unless you are gonna give us the real deal (like "Mona Di Orio" did) Can we rather have something different, rather than just more of the same oud replicants. ... Boooooooring !

      Nice bottle though ! ~ (If you can afford it, that is ! ;o) )

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