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    James Heeley is launching three new extrait strength fragrances: Agarwood, LAmandiere and Bubblegum Chic. Heeley told Basenotes that he wanted to do a line in higher concentration than his standard line, as some ingredients work better in that form.

    Bubblegum Chic contains jasmine sambac, tuberose and white musk. Heeley also lists some other ingredients, which he says are things that inspired the fragrance (and Im pretty sure these arent okay with IFRA...)- these are: Extrait de Glamour, Pink, Passion, Lips, Mouth, Soft, Warmth, Omniverous, Sparkle, Appetite, Forbidden, Fun, Fatale, Fruit, Desire, Smile, Sweet, Skin, Shining, Intoxicate, Insatiable, Girls.

    LAmandiere contains green almond, hyacinth, rose and jasmine. Other ingredients are extrait de spring, clear, joy, air, blossom, growth, orchard, almonds, pretty, morning, green, grass, silver, dew, mayflowers, bluebells, trees, wild violets, hyacinths, night, jasmine, faith, light, night, day, love.

    Agarwood - Heeley seemed slightly apologetic about making an oud fragrance but in his defense he started on this about four years ago - notes are: benzoin, rose, oud, cedarwood, amber. Also included are: Extrait de devotion, serenity, eagle, prayer, space, meditation, temple, prince, Siddhartha, gold, dark, wood, forest, power, mind, fertility, mist, rising, control, wealth, poverty, spirit, forever.

    I quite like the idea of these alternative ingredients - as while hardcore perfume fans may know what oud and benzoin, for example, smell like - most people have no idea, theyd be more likely to get an idea of the fragrance from the alternate notes. And youve got to love any fragrance that lists eagle and power in its ingredients list!

    James says that though the juice is finished, the packaging isnt quite finished yet, he promised to send pictures when they are finished.


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    1. Harvest Moon's Avatar
      Harvest Moon -
      Very much looking forward to these. Love his usual line, but always wish they could be a tad stronger.

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