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    YsUzac is a new swiss house which launched in May 2011. The house was founded by perfumer Vincent Micotti, and designer Vera Yeoh (pictured) - they currently have four fragrances: Monodie, Métaboles, Pohadka and Lale.

    Each of the Eau de Parfums have a poem to go with them. Here are the four fragrances, with their poems and notes:

    Dionysiac drama?
    Simply rock’n’roll?
    A melody from the brink of light,
    a unique spell to light up the
    dark blue evening sky

    Notes: Eau de vie de mirabelle, dark yellow mirabelle, pink grapefruit, freesia, rhubarb, green galbanum, sandalwood.


    Rhapsody of spring!
    Bold and fragile
    An exploration of
    awakened emotions

    Notes: tomato twigs, geranium, licorice, black pepper, raspberry honey, labdanum, musky white wood.


    Hour of dream!
    A saraband by air, wind and flame
    A mysterious path of sensation
    under smoky twilight...

    Notes: fresh cut grass, tobacco, immortelle, jasmine, fresh herbs, leather, vanilla.


    Winter journey in blossom land!
    A dance with a snowflake
    and memories
    A silent love story...

    Notes: saffron, leather, wintersweet flower, bergamot, orange, white tea, osmanthus, rose, pink pepper, apricot, balsamic accord.
    More information can be found at the ysuzac.com website


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