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    Florence-based Bois 1920 were showing two limited edition scents at Pitti. One masculine: Oltremare, and one feminine: Come L’Amore. Both scents are inspired by Tuscany, and are limited to 1,920 individually numbered and certified bottles.

    Come L’Amore’s notes include tangerine, freesia, solar accord, mirabelle plum and white tea in the head; jasmine, gardenia, seringa, wild lily, rose and pink pepper in the heart; and a base of cedarwood, benzoin, white musk, Orcanox and styrax.

    Oltremare features top notes of green lemon, bergamot, orange, bigarade and lemon;the heart includes matè leaves, red tea, juniper berry, rhubarb, geranium, violet, hyacinth and Mugane. The dry down contains sandalwood, white musk, ambergris, Orcanox and patchouli.


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    1. MonkeyBars's Avatar
      MonkeyBars -
      Orcanox is ambroxan, but what the hell is "solar accord" ... um, the sun does not smell
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Very nice...wish I could have a sniff of both of them...
    1. Roper-Hall's Avatar
      Roper-Hall -
      Apparently they are coming to Holt-Renfrew Montreal within the month. The Bois 1920 SA that helped me with my recent purchases is going to give me a ring when they arrive. I hope the masculine smells better than the ratings it got on fragrantica-"fail".

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