• Jimmy Choo launches Parfum version of signature scent for holiday season

    This October sees the launch of a limited edition Parfum version of the Jimmy Choo fragrance. The perfume created by Olivier Polge is described by the company as "a sumptuous re-mastering of the original for women who desire a more intense signature fragrance."

    Notes include Tiger Orchid, Candied Orange and "Toffee Chypre" defined by lingering notes of exotic Sandalwood and Patchouli.

    The 40ml size limited edition flacon combines company founder Tamara Mellon’s signature mix of antique and contemporary:
    "A scaled version of the classic Venetian glass bottle has been recreated with an exclusive metallization where silver is overlaid onto the glass to reveal the amber coloured liquid inside. The faceted, cocoon shape is voluptuously feminine, “A beautiful and precious bottle that is an object of desire which women will want to keep forever,” says Tamara.

    Inspired by python from the current collection, the fragrance is packaged in a precious ‘jewel box’ enrobed in a silver and black snakeskin print, resting on a mirrored pedestal inside. "
    Jimmy Choo Limited Edition Parfum 40ml will be available in the UK from October 2011


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    1. d4N13L's Avatar
      d4N13L -
      Such a big size for a parfum!!!!
    1. chaplain's Avatar
      chaplain -
      Interesting...I found the eau de parfum to be sickeningly sweet and overdone. (And I like fruity florals and gourmands) I wonder how this will be different. Could be better, I guess...but I'm not hopeful.
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Beautiful bottle but the juice is sickly sweet and pretty unwearable...

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