• Ormonde Jayne creates Solid Perfumes and expands to Fortnum and Mason

    London-based perfumery Ormonde Jayne are to launch a solid perfume for four of their fragrances and have expanded their distribution to Picadilly's Fortnum & Mason.

    Ormonde Jayne's Sugar Butter Solid Perfume are available in Frangipani, Tolu, Tai'If and Ormonde Woman. The company say it "is a balm scented with a high percentage of Parfum extract. It will leave a subtle opalescent shimmer and [a] long lasting fragrance".

    Ormonde Jayne have added Fortnum & Mason to their list of stockists. They will stock Ormonde Jayne’s Bathing range, Scented Candles and a new exclusive Trilogy of Parfum (a box containing pure parfums of Tolu, Ta'If and Tiare).

    Ormonde Jayne's Sugar Butter Solid Perfumes will be available from October 26th at Ormonde Jayne's London and online boutiques.


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    1. Perfume Profiler's Avatar
      Perfume Profiler -
      Wow this is fantastic news, congratulations to Ormonde Jayne! I love Tolu so I can't wait to try the solid product.
    1. Harvest Moon's Avatar
      Harvest Moon -
      Thank Goodness Christmas only round the corner!
    1. Belinda Cook's Avatar
      Belinda Cook -
      This looks fantastic; looking forward to sampling it.
    1. matildaben's Avatar
      matildaben -
      Nice! I wonder how much they will cost.
    1. illyria's Avatar
      illyria -
      They sound nice. But I don't think I'll buy them, as I've found solid perfumes don't keep very well. The perfume fades, or the base 'turns' and smells off. That's my experience, anyway.
    1. Svety's Avatar
      Svety -
      Very greese, not very long lasting, but always affordable price - our lovely solid fragrances

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