• Coty sign up Elite for fragrance deal

    Coty Inc and modeling network, Elite announced today a partnership to develop and market a new line of fragrances. Elite has previously launched fragrances in 2006 in partnership with Jeanne Arthes.

    The new fragrance collection is set to launch in January 2012 and will include four fragrances that will "embrace the alluring beauty and glamour associated with the world of modeling and fashion."

    "Coty has a great track record in identifying growth opportunities to strengthen our position as the global leader in the world of beauty," says Bernd Beetz, Coty Chief Executive Officer. "We are pioneering a new concept in the industry and expect to further fuel the success of the fragrance category as we know it."

    "Based on our strong licensing partnerships, our unrivaled fragrance expertise, and the global reach of the Elite Models brand, we see an opportunity to broaden the scope of our business portfolio and team up with a brand that is on the cutting edge of the fashion business," said Renato Semerari, President of Coty Beauty.

    "Elite is not just a modeling agency. Our vision is to capture the spirit of today's women and that is why we believe this partnership is the perfect union. Coty has a remarkable reputation of understanding women and developing fragrances women find desirable and glamorous," said Elite World CEO, Cristian D'Ippolito and Vick Mihaci, President Elite Models. "We believe that our effective business model will complement Coty's immense expertise in fragrance."

    "The marketing behind the Elite Models fragrance collection will bring out the emotional side of the brand and express a modern and cosmopolitan vision of women," said Jurgen Scharfenstein, Sr V.P. of Global Marketing for Coty Beauty. "We are working toward distilling the glamorous appeal of Elite into a line of fragrances that deliver an out of this world experience," said Scharfenstein.

    Executives from Coty Beauty and Elite worked together to elaborate marketing plans for an international fragrance launch that will include a comprehensive media campaign as well as synergies with the internationally renowned Elite Model Look Contest. Details are still currently in development and will be announced closer to the launch.

    Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


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    1. odioustoilet's Avatar
      odioustoilet -
      J. Arthes is a second tier type of brand is it not?
    1. MonkeyBars's Avatar
      MonkeyBars -
      A modeling agency releasing a fragrance huh? That's a new one.
    1. Wind of God's Avatar
      Wind of God -
      And why not? Maybe in the future all organisations and products will have their own fragrance as a standard part of branding. I'm personally looking forward to the day you can smell of the CIA. I hope they make all the models wear it when they go out on jobs.
    1. Svety's Avatar
      Svety -
      It should be another big one!

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