• Ben Sherman launch eponymous fragrance

    Ben Sherman have teamed up with Fragrance & Beauty Creations limited to create their latest fragrance, simply called Ben Sherman. The scent is housed in a geometrically abstract bottle, based on the Union Flag.

    The fragrance contains notes of mint, lime, lemon, tangerine, oaky notes, cedar, vanilla musk, coffee and amber. The product range consists of Eau de Toilette in 50ml (£25/$55) and 100ml (£39/$78).

    Ben Sherman is available in the US at Nordstroms, in the UK (stockists 0870 850 3868).


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    1. SculptureOfSoul's Avatar
      SculptureOfSoul -
      It doesn't bode well when BN official announcement is two months behind (see: http://www.basenotes.net/threads/281...by-Ben-Sherman )

    1. Andrewthecologneguy's Avatar
      Andrewthecologneguy -
      I sampled this at Nordstrom the other day and it smells a lot like Armani Attitude (flip top lighter bottle) itself a variation of the Mugler A*Men choclate coffee theme. Not bad because the top notes are interesting bright fruits but they quickly fade. The dry down is much better too...does NOT smell like you spilled a sweet coffee based drink on yourself a few hours earlier!

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