• Coty snaps up Madonna for fragrance deal. Truth or Dare to launch in 2012

    Coty Prestige have signed an agreement to produce a Madonna fragrance. Truth or Dare by Madonna will debut in April next year at Macy's, and then go on to a global launch in May 2012. "I have always been obsessed by fragrance and for years wanted to create something personal that was an expression of me but that other people could relate to as well. Something honest, and yet daring, hence the name Truth or Dare." Madonna told Women's Wear Daily.

    "Madonna is the marquis addition to Coty's unrivaled brand portfolio and further establishes us as cutting edge leaders in the global beauty industry," Bernd Beetz, CEO, Coty Inc said. "We are thrilled to embark on this new venture with Madonna, a global icon with unprecedented star power and cultural relevance."

    Truth or Dare by Madonna is a floral fragrance, and was created by Givaudan perfumer Steven Nilsen. Gardenia, tuberose and neroli make up the head notes; while jasmine, benzoin tears and white lily petals feature in the heart. The dry down includes vanilla absolute, caramelized amber, sensual musk aura.

    The scent will be available in a 75ml EDP ($68 / €62), 50ml EDP ($55 / €46), 30ml EDP ($39 / €35), Body Lotion ($28 / €22), and Shower Gel ($24 / €21).

    Madonna Image: Landmark / PR Photos


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    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      I like her facelift and fillers...
    1. Pour_Monsieur's Avatar
      Pour_Monsieur -
      It sounds pretty generic , terrible name and godawful bottle
    1. Persolaise's Avatar
      Persolaise -
      Please say this isn't true. And as for the name, don't marketing people appeciate humanity's love of acronyms?

      "What are you wearing?"

    1. GelbeDomino's Avatar
      GelbeDomino -
      With all due respect, it sounds boring to death.
    1. mnaonbn's Avatar
      mnaonbn -
      Madge, here's some TRUTH for you to consider, if you DARE: You are a washed-up ungrateful plastic skank, and nobody wants to buy your perfume. Besides, it reads like an uninspired floriental that's been done a zillion times.
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Dear Madge,

      Are your darkest actions coming back to bite you...?

      I wonder...
    1. Diamondflame's Avatar
      Diamondflame -
      "Like a Virgin..." - the fragrance, had it been marketed 26 years ago would have sold like hot cakes. Too late now...
    1. Fleurine's Avatar
      Fleurine -
      Anyone know the nose?
    1. gacosta's Avatar
      gacosta -
      How serious is she about her fragrance? Will this be just another celebrity fragrance? They all somehow smell the same!!!
    1. Flaconneur's Avatar
      Flaconneur -
      Are we not done with Madonna yet?
    1. dark phoenix 123's Avatar
      dark phoenix 123 -
      what a non-descript looking bottle....
    1. bjork728's Avatar
      bjork728 -
      Why is everyone so hostile here ....although this doesn't sound all that great and bottle could be nicer,let's not be a bunch of bitter queens!
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Bless ya...
    1. sherapop's Avatar
      sherapop -
      I actually like opaque bottles--they protect the perfume from light. Otherwise I'd have to hide everything from sight!
    1. mnaonbn's Avatar
      mnaonbn -
      Quote Originally Posted by bjork728 View Post
      Why is everyone so hostile here ....although this doesn't sound all that great and bottle could be nicer,let's not be a bunch of bitter queens!
      I can't speak for others, but I'm hostile toward this B*TCH mostly because of her ugly display of snobbery and ungratefulness toward one of her fans who presented her with a cut hydrangea. If Madge can't appreciate such a simple and sweet gesture from a fan, then she sure as hell deserves this queen's bitterness. Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDIbu3faTf0
    1. Harvest Moon's Avatar
      Harvest Moon -
      I still rather like her music even if she is a bit of a ridiculous figure. As for the juice: I like to keep an open mind and let my nose decide!
    1. rttoronto's Avatar
      rttoronto -
      If this perfume is a reflection of Madonna, it will smell like rancid asshole.
    1. rttoronto's Avatar
      rttoronto -
      If this perfume is a reflection of Madonna it will smell like rancid a**hole.
    1. lovingthealien's Avatar
      lovingthealien -
      I can't say I am a fan of Nilsen's previous work. The notes make me think of something like a floral angel. What a mistake...

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