• Bond No.9 Puts Andy Warhol Back In The Spotlight

    The artist who needs no introduction is celebrated in the latest Bond No. 9 fragrance.
    Andy Warhol captures the "boho-mod life and times of the iconic artist himself" says the company. This is the sixth in the series of Warhol inspired scent. So far these have been linked to specific New York locations—from Union Square to Montauk—where the artist lived and worked. " ...the time was right for an eau de parfum that’s an ode to Warhol himself, with an image of the artist on the bottle".

    Andy Warhol is described as androgynous. The fragrance opens with Italian bergamot zest and peach juice "which are quickly juxtaposed with red rose, peach juice, and spicy cumin...centifolia rose, white patchouli and cistus ambre". Other notes include jasmine, lemony-spicy frankincense, and oud. Then drydown, is described as 'aphrodisiac territory' and includes amber, sandalwood and musk.

    Available from December 1st at Bond No. 9’s six New York stores, Saks Fifth Avenue, and www.bondno9.com Price: 100 ml, $240; 50ml, $180.


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    1. danny1967's Avatar
      danny1967 -
      no! i don't think so.. another overpriced bond no 9 fragrance..
    1. SculptureOfSoul's Avatar
      SculptureOfSoul -
      It's rare to see jasmine and oud.. but then also incense? And patchouli? And vanilla and sandalwood? Love the combination!

      Here's a full pyramid:
      TOP: Italian Bergamot Zest, Cypriot India, Provence Blue Cypress, Plum
      HEART: Jasmine de Grasse, Agarwood, Rose Centifolia, White Patchouli, Cistus
      BASE: Red Sandalwood, Vanilla Madasgascar, Oriental Musk, Olibanum Tears

      I think cypriot is supposed to read as cypriol as I've never heard of cypriot before and can't find any info on it.
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      What an interesting mix of notes; I do look forward to trying it out...
    1. Dark Caesar's Avatar
      Dark Caesar -
      Not sure if I can wear a cologne with a guys photo on the side.
    1. Bonoanimoes's Avatar
      Bonoanimoes -
      I am very, VERY curious about it, I can not wait to smell it!