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      Review Guidelines

      • The recommended length for a review on Basenotes is between 100 - 500 words. Reviews that are very short may be deleted.
      • Reviews that are unhelpful, infringe on copyrighted material, include personal information, are commercial, false or contain any offensive or objectional content are not permitted and will be deleted.
      • Focus on the fragrance - do you like or dislike it? Why? What other fragrances do you think are similar, etc, etc..
      • Please only use the review form to review a fragrance. If you require help finding a fragrance, please use the Fragrances Wanted section on the Basenotes Community Board.
      • By submitting a review you allow us to publish it indefinitely on the website or other media - reviews are subject to the Basenotes Community Terms of Use

      Last updated: 7th July 2006


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