• Maurer & Wirtz acquire Baldessarini from P&G Prestige

    Maurer & Wirtz, owner of 4711 and Tabac, have acquired the fragrance business of Baldessarini from Procter and Gamble. The brand was originally part of Hugo Boss, and launched its first fragrance in 2001.

    As the licensor and the man the brand is named after, Werner Baldessarini played a key role in the acquisition of the fragrance range by Maurer & Wirtz. “Baldessarini is a fragrance line that is very close to my heart, and I am delighted that the brand will in future be managed and developed by such a highly experienced and competent partner as Maurer & Wirtz. It is a good feeling to know that the brand that I once established is in such good hands”, said Werner Baldessarini.

    “The strong brands in our portfolio, and latterly the successful expansion of the 4711 brand, which we acquired in 2006, demonstrate our profound understanding of the strategic leadership of brands”, added Dr. Hermann Wirtz, Managing Partner of Maurer & Wirtz. “The Baldessarini brand has enormous potential, and we seized the opportunity to acquire a further top-seller for our Prestige business. Now and in future, we are committed to fostering the continuous development of our product portfolio through organic growth and through specific license acquisitions.”


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    1. scentimus's Avatar
      scentimus -
      The brand has potental in Germany but is very unknown here in the states.
    1. MysteryBuff40's Avatar
      MysteryBuff40 -
      This should be good news. Tried to find the Baldessarini line in stores? Impossible. I contacted the current company and asked where I could buy it in the US and they basically told me "You can't."

      P&G were neglecting the Baldessarini brand badly, probably because it amounted to nothing in their overall earnings. Anything Mauer & Wirtz do with it has to be better.
    1. Surfacing's Avatar
      Surfacing -
      Interesting ! This line is actually quite easy to find in Canada ( except for the Strictly Private release).

      Hope Maurer & Wirtz does a better job with the juice than P&G ( that should not be hard). Or perhaps make a nice drug store scent at a decent price.

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