• New! Lorenzo Villoresi Fragrance Theseus

    Florence-based perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi has released a new fragrance named Theseus - students of Greek mythology will remember he was the bold and beautiful hero who killed the Minotaur.

    Described as a 'fresh, radiant, sunny fragrance, evocative of ancient adventures
    over strange countries and seas, in the search for mythological lands.'
    The company says this is a 'citrusy, peppery fragrance, with herbs, spices and resins, woods and flowers'

    Available in Eau de Toilette 50ml and 100 ml.


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    1. Ivan D' Great's Avatar
      Ivan D' Great -
      Sounds great,
      How much?
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Sounds very good...
    1. odysseusm's Avatar
      odysseusm -
      I love the mythology theme, and the style is my cup of tea! Thanks for posting this!