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    by Grant Osborne, 28 December 2009 About Us

  • News Summer versions of Stefani's Harajuku Lovers due for 2010

    by Sandra Rose, 11 December 2009 Industry News

    Harajuku Lovers, the apparel range from Gwen Stefani launched in 2005, has announced five limited edition fragrances collectively titled: Sunshine Cuties. Each of the fragrances has been created by different perfumers....

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  • Danica Patrick to launch fragrance

    by Grant Osborne, 09 December 2009 Industry News

    Today SA Fragrances have announced the signing of a deal to create fragrances for IndyCar driver, Danica Patrick. The first fragrance is due for launch in early 2010.


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  • Writing a Fragrance Brief

    by Shimon Kalichman, 01 December 2009 Basenotes The Fragrance

    The aim of a brief is to relay your fragrance vision to a perfumer, giving them the right amount of direction and information to enable them to create the scent that you have imagined. Fragrance briefs in the industry can vary significantly in shape and form – some brands and designers have been known to offer as little guidance in the brief as “the fragrance needs to be Red” or even “I want my fragrance to smell like autumn”. The problem with these types of briefs is they offer no detail or real direction for the perfumer to work with and forces them to guess what it is you are after....

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  • Basenotes the fragrance - competition open!

    by Shimon Kalichman, 01 December 2009 Basenotes The Fragrance

    We are very excited to announce that our competition to create three Basenotes fragrances in celebration of our first decade is now open.  The search is now on for the winning three briefs and if you think you have the beginnings of an interesting olfactory story then you have until December 31st 2009 to submit your brief.  Please read the article about submitting your brief here before putting pen to paper to ensure that you stay within the compeition guidelines and have the best possible chance of winning!...

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  • eBay responds to French Court Ruling Versus LVMH

    by Grant Osborne, 30 November 2009 Industry News

    eBay has responded to a decision by Commercial Court of Paris versus LVMH, to fine eBay EUR1.7 million in relation to an injunction that prevents French eBay users from buying or selling LVMH Group perfumes and cosmetics on any eBay website. ...

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  • Limited Edition Only the Brave bottle designed by Bunka

    by Sandra Rose, 30 November 2009 Industry News

    The iconic fist-shaped bottle for Diesel’s Only the Brave fragrance for men, has been transformed by Bunka; the artist behind some of the most coveted designer toys developed by Artoyz. The bottle, originally modelled on Diesel founder Renzo Rosso’s fist, has become an grafitti-inspired explosion of word and colour....

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