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Ali Nakhai

Ali Nakhai

About Ali Nakhai

Ali Nakhai is a writer and filmmaker who shares his time between New York and L.A.

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  • A guide to the New York Fragrance r-Evolution

    18 March 2009 Articles

    Ahhh the smell of New York city... hot dogs and knish's from vendors on the street, a dash of burnt rubber from the cabby that almost hit you, all topped with vapor brimming out of manholes. Mmmm... Guerlain and Creed can only dream of something so sublime. Maybe not, but New York has a softer side for sure, despite the all too familiar moniker of urban grit that's been stamped on the city. The people of New York have been swept in a fragrant revolution (or maybe leave out the 'r' and just call it an evolution)....

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  • Enzo Galardi - the man behind Odori and Bois 1920

    26 January 2009 Articles

    Ali Nakhai returns from his Basenotes writing hiatus to investigate the two lines from Enzo Galardi: Bois 1920 and Odori: In 2005 a new niche brand with the tradition of the old hit the fragrance market. Three colors, each representing a different fragrance style, marks the assortment of fragrances from Enzo Gallardi’s first line, Bois 1920. The Tradizionali features the fragrances Agrumi Amari di Sicilia, Sandalo e The, Real Patchouly, and Vetiver Ambrato.  Classic 19201920 Extreme belong to the Classici line and the Orientali consists of Sutra Ylang and Sushi Imperiale. ...

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  • Men's Skin care round-up

    01 April 2004 Articles

    Ali Nakhai takes a look at the various skin care brands on the market, including Kimberly Sayer, Anthony Logistics, Art of Shaving and more...

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  • An introduction to Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

    01 June 2003 Articles

    Fine fragrance has always been a staple of the French and great perfumers have mainly been from France. American perfumes never gained the respect of their French counterparts and perfume elitists wouldn't dream of going American. However there comes a time when all things change and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz lands a heavy step forward for American perfumers...

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  • Introducing Bond No. 9: Bottling New York

    01 April 2003 Articles

    New York city: Sinatra wrote songs about it, Scorsese makes films about it, and Kerouac wrote stories about it....

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  • A meeting with Kimberly Sayer

    02 April 2002 Articles

    I've got to do something about the way I look. I mean a girl just can't go to Sing Sing with a green face. Many will recall the antics of the recalcitrant Holly Golightly in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. Holly, like many women and now even men, aspires for a perfect complexion...

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  • Clive Christian... costly, but worth it?

    01 November 2001 Articles

    Let me paint a picture for you. It's a Friday night. You're getting ready to go out, you hear there's a ripping party with a lot of faces and beautiful people. You slap on your best clothes grabbing your best pair of Diesel jeans and that new Joseph Abboud shirt you got...

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