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  1. as md1000000, i did not received Moss Breches from about 2 months...Any ideas on whats happening?
    Have you sent the item?
  2. yeah, in the pamphlet its touted as being unbreakable; so ts perfect for travel and sport. Take a look in one of your older boxes. ;-)
  3. Oh, i didnt know, so this is the reason for the mini are made by plastic too, when i received i think that its empty, but its 15ml half full (while the glass regular kouros edt is 10ml, at the same size)
  4. Oh yes, they came on Saturday. I hope you receive your bottle soon. I was surprised at the weight; they are made of light plastic.
  5. Do you received your Eau de Sport?
    I did not received yet, but im from Brazil, and shipping to my country take more than 30 days at minimum
  6. Yeah i bought one!
    I already own a mini 15ml half full. Its nice stuff, 80% like kouros, the 20% different is better than the original
  7. Did you also get a bottle of the Eau de Sport? I cannot wait to own this one!
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