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  1. Hi leecher88, thanks for your comment on Lomani Essential. I have not tried it since I first saw it and will have to try it again. I'm not sure why you can't post on threads (I've been a member for a couple of years and can't remember if I was allowed to post at the start). I will find my thread on Lomani and put your comments there.

  2. hey man how can i write i am new and cant write on your topic lomani essential and code, please help me if you know how to write there nevertheless i want to tell you whats like the essential of lomani because i bought, man this stuff is amazing !!!! it lasts +10 hours and is very warm sweet but not annoying and some girls i know like it very much. When i sprayed it i said to myself that i know the smell but after two days i realized its the same as Dior Homme Intense EDP , everything is exact the same power smell even i would say i love lomani more. i compared both when i sprayed one on my left hand and one on my write and ask also people and they thought that its the same
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