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  1. Thanks freewheelingvagabond...
  2. Hey man, wish you a very happy birthday!

  3. Will do sir!

    BTW, if you get time, walk around the Bloor / Bay area in downtown - has Guerlain / Hermes / l'Occitaine / Chanel among others. I went to Guerlain today and ended up buying 3 - more on it soon, I'll add it on the today i bought threads in the next 2-3 weeks.. Very happy with all 3 purchases. One is impossible to get your hands on, other is discontinued and 3rd was released last year, a bit pricey, but the notes just clicked, so ended up buying.
  4. If you buy or get any info (where it can be bought) on Trumper Eucris EdP, then please let me know. Very interested in trying that one. I will do the same.
  5. Arun, wish you a very happy birthday!
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