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  1. Thank you!!!

    And yes - I splurged on Hermès - a bottle of Galop, which was a kind of "love at first sniff" for me.
  2. Wish you a very happy birthday!!!

    Any perfume shopping?
  3. LOL! Probably my same mistake of learning Spanish before French based on "expected utility"! I actually do have the Malle Collection Coffret from back when it was only 15 pieces, sometime around 2009. I still need to enter and review most (if not all) of them. ASLP and En Passant were my faves, although FL, BC, and NE are nice, too. Glad I own them at this level. Came very close to bottling on EP.
  4. So many Zara perfumes in your 'drobe??? And not a single Eau So French Frédéric Malle??!

    Heresy, I hearsay!
  5. Wish you a very happy birthday!

    Tempted to get BdC Parfum in celebration!
  6. LOL! Definitely not in Mar-a-Lago, but not ruling out a pilgrimage if it turns out they have any quality designer boutiques!

    As for IQ - OMG - batch variation debate! Subforum!
  7. Emergency visitor message:

    1. I know that your location is "Spiritually, Kansas", but just curious about the geographical location ... is it "Mar-a-Lago" by any chance?

    2. May I please borrow some IQ from you?
  8. Agreed! And you too! With the same qualifier! :-D
  9. Wish you a very happy 2018!

    (better late than never ...)
  10. I know I have one sample. I'll look for the others!
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