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  1. Hey, payment has been sent for the AdP, CdG and penhaligons
  2. The ebay Flat rate box will be around $12 (CAN) for Canada so please just add another $10 US for the shipping with your PAYPAL payment. So the total payment including shipping will be $70 US. If you want the Etro Palais Jamais also I will throw that in for an additional $10 US.

    One way or the other as soon as I receive your PAYPAL payment, I will ship.

    My PAYPAL email address is:
  3. Hey I'm still interested in the combo, I apologize for the late reply as I completely forgot about my offer. My shipping address is 5012 Carney Rd NW, Calgary, AB, T2L1E9. Also, when you ship, could you mark the package as something other than cologne? It will get confiscated if it is marked as such. "Collector Bottles" or "Cosmetics" will suffice.

  4. Hi

    Ok, what is involved is a full 30 ml (=1 oz) glass atomizer decant of Blenheim Bouquet (which is a great way to get to know this amazing fragrance). I'll let you have all three (AdP, CDG and the BB) for $60 US (plus whatever shipping amounts to). I'll ship in an Ebay flat rate box. Are you in Canada or the US? Let me know if you are interested. And send your shipping address.


    my PAYPAL address is
  5. Hey if I take both the AdP and CdG will you throw in that penhaligons sample?
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