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  1. Hi dear,

    The darvants are mythological evil-dark spinning-spiked spirits abiding the obscure underworld and its extreme regions (but I'm a good guy, swear ahhhh). Amouage Homage is a fantastic ethereal fragrance and also Cuoio Tartaro is a well crafted scent. Habit Rouge has partially lost its original decadent-baroque appeal but it's still one of my favorite nowadays. Try also Heritage edt, I crave for it. Hugs.
  2. Good after noon D. Please tell me what Davant means. Tolstoy. Ahh. the look of wisdom no doubt. He is very deep.

    I will try the scents you love. thank you for your recommendations. today i am double stiff. i cleaned a carpet yesterday then today my sweetie is having ladies over so i cleaned house and took up some spots on the carpet.

    I have put on a touch of Amouge Homage this morning. i am wading once again into the frey with a second review of one of Salaam's products, Curio Tartaro (leather). i feel the cowboy coming on.

    hope you are well,

    your dear friend,

    frankie C.

    Habit Rouge. is this the one Luca went on about in the cold room under the perfume museum?

    if so then let me take you there.

    Please read my review on old spice and if you don't smell your vintage Habit Rouge Edt, you still might end up with a smile on your face.

  3. Hi frankie,
    Thank you sooo much, allured, well I'm in love with so many perfumes, affectively "the soul fragrance of my life" will be vintage Habit Rouge Edt forever. Who's the bearded man? Well, I've manipulated a picture about one of my favorite writers, Tolstoy. About Salaam's perfumes I can say to appreciate mostly Hindu Kush, Mecca Balsam, Don Corleone, Muschio di Quercia and Tawaf. Castoreum is (imo) a fantastic "fragrance animalic reinforcer" to be layered with musty/musky animalic scents (Mazzolari Lui, Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan etc).
    God bless you buddy
  4. you are too kind. please tell me your to die for scent as i have sooo very much to learn my friend.

    i thought you were in fact the old man with the long beard but it turns out you are Italian like moi,--though younger and much better looking.

    Who is the bearded man? someone from Rembrandt?

    i posted a review on one of Salaam's perfumes today that you did as well. Mine is not as descriptive but i know so little.

    which of his scents do you love. I am curious about his castoreum that i believe you reviewed?

    All the best and i hope you win big next time you are in court.

    your dear friend,

    frankie Chocolate.
  5. Thank you dear, congratulations on your great (and particular) work here on Basenotes.
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