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  1. Floral cooking fun for kids:-

    Dissolve 1lb sugar into 1 - 2 pts of hot water to taste.
    Add juice of a large lemon and two tsps citric acid.
    Take some lavender heads and a highly fragranced, red rose.
    When the water mix is lukewarm, ask a child to tear up the rose and the lavender into tiny bits and strew it over.
    Pour the whole lot into a clear plastic water bottle and shake it every once in a while for one to two days. Strain and use as a cordial. Especially nice with fizzy water.

    You can do this with elderflowers, or any edible berries to make different colour cordials.

    Another floral recipe is to place lots of the dried lavender heads in ordinary sugar and leave it there like you do with the cinnamon sticks. Make shortbread with it when the sugar smells fragrant. Sprinkle the lavender sugar on top too.
  2. Hi Mumsy, Smellies going well, but wish I had more time to do it. Seem to be spending more time cooking at the moment though, which of course, also smells nice!!!!
  3. Just thought I would pop by and say hello and how are you getting on with your smellies?
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