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  1. hey, n.p bro... I was smelling this at Saks today, and wanted another opinion... I did enjoy it.. Have you smelled 1872 by Clive Christian? (oh side note thanks for helping me with the Himalaya... I bought it today with Allure Homme Edition Blanche)
  2. Thnx for writing by Dead Hackaer..amd most importantly..thnx for taking ur time out to read my blog...i wish i cud change a lot of things and add newer perspectives though...

    of many a Bonds tested i liked Riverside Drive a lot. coming to think of it, it's a fresh scent that a designer label cud make, only difference the quality is very superior. imho, it's a fresh scent, nothing more, nothign less. dont look for spices etc..its very green and loaded with musk givin it that uplifting feel. whnever i want a safe frgrance that im pretty positive that it'll garner complimens, this is the decant i turn too. theres nothing really to hate it. who doesnt like fresh scents? to give u a very distant reference...think of it as Dior Higher done by Bond No.9 (no similarity in smell) but, attitude? yes.
  3. Hey Jenson... I was reading your blog... saw the entry with Bond no.9 Riverside drive on it... and was wondering if you could touch on why u like this..and is this that seductive?
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