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  1. Yes.
  2. The ones in your signature, are they the ones you have right know??
  3. It costs about $2k. I have owned every Creed at some point but sold off ones I didn't wear.
  4. Hey side note here, How much does your Creed Collection Cost?
  5. Yea it does smell kinda feminine but alot of other bnoters were suggesting this so I said why not test this, I like a note or two in it.... I'm 22 so I don't know maybe I'll buy it if I can pull it off.
  6. No offense, but it smells too feminine and youthful to me. I'm almost 40 and I can't pull that off anymore.
  7. hey mike why is that?? is it because you don't like it or is it because you think its to girly?? I ask because I'm looking in to buying it from Saks in the coming week and since you are our Creed Specialist;-) here at Basenotes, I thought I might ask you... any help would be appreciated... thanks dh..
  8. I do not have SMW. All I have is in my signature.
  9. hey, mike do you have SMW??? I ask because in our signature you have a lot of Creed's listed but not SMW...
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