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  1. Are you really wearing all those fumes all at once? Or is there a glitch on the website?

    Thanks for all the great reviews.
  2. Some autumnal inspiration:

  3. I also bathed in Royal Bain last night. It's not made for baths, sadly. Layer it with Vanilla Fields, and you go very "girly". To me, this stuff isn't exactly unisex.
  4. Nahema IS murky! You just opened my eyes and ears. I've been searching for a description of Nahema, and you nailed it! Bravo!
  5. They're all here now! I've added the last ones needing to be "imported."

    Bond No.9 Chinatown
    Givenchy Amarige
    Guerlain Idyll
    Guerlain Nahéma
    Tom Ford Black Orchid
    Yardley Orange Blossom
  6. Hear hear! BRAVO!
    Hopefully der Zohan will delete your account without giving you grief. I'm not holding my breath, though.
    Looking forward to have all your brilliant reviews here.
  7. Oh well, my post on the Bob thread is now deleted, and my "account" is deleted too.
    Heil Zohan.
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