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  1. Just stopping by and saying Hi. Been a buying spree lately. I have gotten really great perfumes recently. Hope all is well for you. I loved that book too!

    Take Care,
  2. Pat,

    I had a great time in Vegas. I got to try a $20,000 perfume at the Guerlain Boutique. It was called Wild Amber it was one of kind never to be made again.

  3. HI Pat,

    I am loving the book. I have been busy lately, got another trip coming up this weekend to Vegas. I also am getting a private consult at the Guerlain boutique in the Palazzo.

    Take Care!
  4. Hi Pat,

    Thanks again, I am on my way to Vegas in an hour. Have a great weekend!
  5. Hi, Todd--

    I found the stash of books. I put them in such a safe place even I couldn't find them! I can't get to the post office tomorrow, but I'll have one in the mail to you on Wednesday or Thursday.
  6. Its good that we will continue to see your brillinat reviews.
  7. Hi Pat,

    I just wanted to say excellent post about Depression. I was as flabbergasted as you when I seen " I don't condone it". Again Professor you educated the masses and brilliant at that! That post is why I miss you on there. I understand the reasoning behind it. Just glad I still get to see those wonderful reviews you do. I was so jealous when I seen your post about Caron. Sounds like you really had a great time. I hope you really got pampered.

    Oh, I was wondering did you forget about that book?


  8. Hi Doc,
    Just seeing if you are doing OK. Haven't seen you online for awhile just checking to see if you doing ok.


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