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  1. we all missed you come back
  2. Hi Dr Mod are you Ok? can you drop me off a line thanks
  3. Hi dr Mod i missed you how are you been doing
  4. Hello pat how are you doing thinking all of my buddies
  5. I hope you won't be mad at me
  6. hi how you doing i know i not completely leaving i'm just not posting on forums
    and i saw on fragrantica that they did close the tribute down we can do it here or ask zoran that
    keep it up but delete that are nasty and has nothing to do with Robert off and make a disclaimer
    that no salacious comments are allows if do they will be deleted
    i hope your not sore because i'm not posting on BN we still can here
  7. Dear to my lovely friends i'm going not to be on BN to much because they deleated my scent de jour
    posts which i worked my ass off i going to delete my perfume warobe but tell grant to delete my
    forum posts and the last two of my blogs but i will still going to have my account but i'm not going to post on forums but i will only communicate on Visitors messages ONLY!
  8. Hello

  9. Good Afternoon what up with your life
  10. Lillian,

    I'm so sorry to hear this. I had been in contact with Bob just a couple of months ago and bought some of his perfumes when he was desperately broke. He couldn't get a job, and something struck me that he might just do something like this.

    I put up a tribute to him on Fragrantica. I had decided not to post there again, but I'm making an exception for Bob.

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