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  1. Thank you! My, time does fly by, doesn't it! I hope you and yours are well. xo
  2. Congratulations on 9000 posts!
  3. Loretta, sending you (((hugs))) today, thinking of you with fondness. xo
  4. Well, good! I'm so glad I didn't miss it! I'll be 54 this year. The years really do pass by more quickly now don't they?
  5. It's today, Lilybelle, not belated at all! I'm 56....where did the years go???
  6. Happy (belated) Birthday, 30 Roses! I'm sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday yesterday. I hope you had a lovely day.
  7. You're welcome! I hope you and yours are enjoying the holidays.
  8. Thank you for your lovely Christmas card, which arrived this week!
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