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  1. I didn't care for Orange Blossom either! So far the only Malones I've really loved were the Tea Collection ones, Sweet Milk and Fresh Mint Leaf, but there are no samples of those limited editions to pass around. If the Malone boutique folks at Nordstrom ever give me more samples-- and they very well might-- I can do this sort of thing again.

    At this point I've started 9 sampling groups, most of which are still going on, with a 10th one in the planning stages-- whew! (Hermessences, if I can get enough samples together to make it worthwhile.)

    However, the postage costs of mailing all these packages out does add up, and we have a family budget, so I will probably need to take a break from starting sampling groups for a while. Several others have started groups of their own recently, which I think is wonderful!
  2. I enjoyed your samples but i did'nt like orange bloossom
    but loved Pomegranate noir ok when are you going to do an another sample
    impression around
  3. Hellp my sampples came thank you and i will
    give you an impressions
  4. hello sweetie thanks foe letting me keep those samples
    how many did you ship out just a curiosity
  5. Hi, Friend!
  6. may i add you as a friend
  7. they are a nice set of roses
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