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  1. Hello again, Michael

    I thought I'd just add that If the 1 gram amount would be a problem, I might be able to swing the 3 gram amount.


  2. Hello Michael,

    I'm tempted to go for the full 3 grams, but common sense is telling me to try 1 gram first. It will not surprise me if I realise I'm going to need more. I am a newbie to ouds but have in the last few months begun to get to know what a Hindi oud is like and I actually enjoy the scent profile.

    Would I be able to use PayPal? And how much should I add to the $33 for shipping and handling?

    Thanks so much for letting me in on this!

  3. Greetings Delmar;
    Yes, I can mail to you in Norway. Today I shipped parcels of the Hindi oudh (and included gift vials of blue, white & pink absolutes) that went to Canada, Australia & the U.S. This is a not for profit thing for me; this is not how I earn a living. I bought 79 grams of this traditional Hindi oil from Tajul Bakshi (he's an honest distiller in Assam who lives in New Delhi) and I'm selling it at my cost of 33 USD a gram. I'm also mailing out all three gram purchases in one of Oriscent's thin gold bottles (new and unused) until I run out of them.
    Thanks for your interest and let me know if you're interested, I can send it out tomorrow. Thank you John,
    michael marullo
    Idaho Falls, Idaho USA
  4. Hello Bandi,

    I've been following the Oudh Ud Aoud social group discusion and have begun collecting samples of oud from various sources, including Agar Aura, Oudhasi, & Oriscent. I understand from a recent posting that you have a new oud type that you might be willing to share. I live in Norway. It sounds very interesting in any case. Would you be able to send some over?


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