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  1. That's almost exactly what I wrote in my review
  2. I bought a decant blind. I never get much lavender but a soft clean musk from Jersey. Its a cosy fragrance which I doubt will offend anyone.
  3. Hi sweetie! I'm your perfume twin today also in Chanel Jersey! How do you like it? I'm enjoying it, just wrote a review for it over at my Chemist in the Bottle blog.
  4. The SA is a friend and she gave it to me. She asked if I could do her a small favour, which I did it was only a trip to a store to collect something. So she gave the purse spray to me.

    I get the mint/fir coming out quite strongly, in fact it has a almost aniseed like vibe. The opening is fresh clear citrus. When the mint/fir settles down it goes quite creamy on my skin with the balsam notes. It does have a cool even a little frosty feel.
  5. You got a 10ml travel spray of Nuit Etoilee!? Lucky you! Was it a free gift to the purchase? And the most important thing - how do you find it. I bought this perfume in male flacon version few weeks ago, and it was my sotd yesterday
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