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  1. Ah! Thanks for the tip!
  2. I was told to phone round all the Chanel boutiques and get samples. I did and no problems with samples. Even Selfridges in Manchester and Terminal 4 sent them.
  3. Oh excellent! We have them here in Glasgow. I hope that they more generous with samples than they are here. They say that they don't have any but Danny gets loads in London. I have actually said to the girls that if I could try certain ones at my leisure I would probably buy them. No go. When I bought my Bois Des Iles they put my name on a waiting list for ONE sample. The SA was so embarrassed that she gave me sample face masks and mascara! Nice as that was I would have preferred Cuir De Russie or Coromandel! It is not good tring them by squirting them up your coat sleeve with everything else that you smell of!
  4. Opps. I mean Belfast House of Fraser
  5. Foustie, MPG EdI is very very very intense. But I wear and to hell with it.

    Oh, rumour has it that House of Fraser will be getting the Chanel exclusifs. But it might not be until early next year. The sa told me with a wink, big plans for the counter.
  6. Hi Donna, you have Eau Des Iles! It is great isn't it. I am going to give it another couple of wearings before I decide whether I really need it!
  7. Frasers Chanel Exclusifs.. Thank You Donna. But I am sure that you won't be in the least bit surprised if I tell you that I could beat a path to Frasers blindfolded in a snowstorm and I have been doing since the days of gas lighting. Te he. And they are already one bottle of Bois Des Iles lighter!!

    Best Regards

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