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  1. Well, sign me up for the TaraYvonne Fan Club! I'm darn glad you wandered into this here corner of the internet!
  2. Keep up the hilarious posts, Red! They make me laugh every time. So therefore you make the world a happier place! I may start a fan club, lol.
  3. No problem, Tara - glad to help you out. Neil Morris has a lot of interesting scents. I've only sampled a fraction of them. In fact, I need to sample some more of them this year!

    Have a wonderful day! -Red
  4. I'd like to pick your brain, I love the reply you gave about the scents that take you someplace. That was the best answer to my question and now I'm dying of curiousity to try those out! I'll have to go looking for samples.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog and offer encouragement! I love talking to people who have been "into" perfumes for longer than I can claim to be-that means you have much to teach me! I love reading all the different reviews and look forward to seeing yours among them! Have a great day~Tara
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