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  1. Hi there, Tara. Check out nukapai's thread on the female side on Nuka and Ody's Mayday get-together. I was in the UK on business and had a nice sniff & chat with nuka. She posted some pics of her day. I'm just back from my trip, and hope to do a similar thread on the men's side.
    So things are just fine with me! Nice to hear from you, I hope you are well. Looked for Bois Rouge but couldn't find it anywhere that I was in London.
  2. Happy Tuesday, buddy! Been up to anything fun lately? How are things where you are? ~Tara
  3. Hey there, Tara. Thanks a lot for the heads-up on the TF Bois Rouge. It sounds like a terrific woody scent. I really appreciate hearing about it from you. Cheers!
  4. Oops, I just realized I gave Bois Rouge a bad review because I tried it on myself. Smelling it on my husband put things into perspective real quick! I'll edit that as soon as that feature is up and running again. Drat!
  5. Hey buddy, how are ya? I have to tell you about a fragrance I just had my husband try. I have never ever encountered anything so sensuous and delicious in all my testing thus far. I am positively drooling over him when he wears it. I want to know if you've tried it or not. I know there are a ton of Tom Ford haters on basenotes, but trust me-he made this stuff and it is gorgeous. I walk down wind from him at all times if I'm not already burrowing my face into his chest to sniff him. It's Bois Rouge. It is the most beautiful wood scent I have ever smelled. And it's all man, no woman could pull this off. Try it if you haven't. I will buy this if it's the last thing I ever do!
  6. I just did a blind buy for my husband and I have to ask what you think. I'm worried, actually. The reason for it was stupid, too. I bought him M7 because of the whole "Mandrake" thing. The root mystifies me, all the old lore about it and such. I guess part of me still wants to believe that magic exists in the world, that there are still mysteries we haven't solved. Ok so my question is, have you tried it and did it suck? I have a feeling it may be headed straight back to ebay, lol. You have quite an amazing collection yourself of many frags I've never even heard of. Translation: I live in the sticks and there's nothing here but a mall 30 minutes away that carries the basics. I have no place to find anything exotic, you know what I mean??? What is your favorite in your collection? Or couple of favorites? What turns people's heads?
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