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  1. I agree. I get the impression that Slumberhouse is a small operation, which is endearing to me.

    Ore has to be one of the most unique scents I've ever smelled, while I wouldn't wear it, it's wonderfully original. Happy December.
    I tried the scents Vikt, Rume, Jeke, Grev, Ore, and Sana. Wound up ordering a bottle of Jeke and Rume.
  2. Be patient with Slumberhouse. The product is hand made and I get the impression that the operation is very, very small. Sometimes he has just a dozen bottles in a batch and the bottles are hand lettered and hand filled. He will likely send a hand written note and probably a few samples too, but his turn around can be slow if he is low on a product. Don't hesitate to email and ask. Josh is a very good guy.
  3. Just glanced at your fragrance wardrobe and see you have a few that I like in your collection. It makes me glad as I've taken your advice to look up Sluberhouse's vikt scent. Am waiting for it to arrive.
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