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  1. Hey Matthew.

    O-Cha certainly has a thoroughfare to my wallet, as well. Thanks for the hit on Uji Matcha Kiku Mukashi - it's on my radar now. Have you tried Uji Matcha Manten also from O-Cha? Definitely a superb green experience. I mostly go to O-Cha for my Japanese greens and matcha, and Chicago Tea Garden and Norbu for oolongs and reds. Will have to see about tracking down a 'nose' for our oolong fragrance!

  2. Fhaoilgeal:

    I used to worry that I'm like Toad of Toad Hall with my various obsessions, but I've come to embrace my essential geekiness. In no particular order I am obsessively enthusiastic about old Seiko watches, vintage Gillette razors (tracked down a 1914 Old Type after reading The Guns of August) and, yes, tea. Yunan Sourcing and have made/ruined me.

    I tend to prefer the more robust Chinese greens to Japanese, but I might have to sell my soul for some more Uji Matcha Kiku Mukashi from O-cha. But I'm just learning as I go along. It's not a competition. Same as with scents. I like to use things, I'm not a collector.

    Matthew Wild, the Duke of Buckingham
  3. Hello Duke,
    Very pleased to meet another tea affectionado...came to Basenotes out of curiosity about aromas and scents from having so much fun with tea - oolong, matcha, and sencha in particular.
    Have you found basenotes and perfumes as addicting as tea collecting?
    Kind regards,
    Carl aka Fhaoilgeal
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