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  1. I owe you a juicy recap, VR. It's pouring rain here tonight: seems like it will rain all day tomorrow as well--so--keep an eye on your PM box! -leMdM
  2. I hope you had a memorable birthday, MdM, and many, many more. Remember: you are only one day older than you were before. The date of your birth is trivia.

    How was it, by the way? I'm very curious to know how you spent it.
  3. You're not the only one, Fleurine. I can't bring myself to buy anything that is still being made. He's like the pied piper of perfumistos.
  4. They are all so . . . real. I was wearing Marly EDC on one hand and Marly EDT on the other today, with a 1/4 drop of the dirty one on the outside of one arm. This has been the most interesting day I can ever remember, fragrantically speaking. It feels like I've been on a journey.
  5. go for the 24k gold on persian violet flock! Go cocotte! Go!
  6. double post - sorry!
  7. single post - sorry!
  8. Pssst: We're in the Violet Velvet Room. AIR MDM VOL No5. I've got your tequilla flower bomb! and I made it with Habit Rouge!
  9. Well, all right now! Let's get this party started. Cocotte Rubegon reporting for duty from the Lone Star State! Can I get a tequila flowerbomb, on the rocks please?
  10. CALIENTE! Hednic hates me.....and, contrary to most instances of BN hatred, I actually enjoy this. Caliente! Caliente! Ai, Ai, Ai!!!!!!!
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