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  1. Quick! Get on Question and answer and tell us who your own "Beauty Icon" is! (My question: had to be explained to Hednic....) Let me guess: George Clooney?
  2. Well, I'm a little late, but the Hepburn/Givenchy connection got me interested. They had a long history - I had no idea, and I had a minor obsession with Audrey when I was younger. I just watched her films and cursed fate for having separated us by time - as if nothing else would have ...

  3. LeDMdM - many thanks for a fantastic trip, with only the very best in in-flight entertainment. Safely on the ground in Nowhere, I have the unshakable feeling that I am exactly the same, but everything else is just a tiny bit different. It's ironic that an especially thought-provoking conversation can have that effect. I am left with much to consider. One subject that has happened to be on my mind today is layering ...

    MdM finds a very suitable partner in Jicky, although my one experience suggests that she does not get on so well with HR. Hmmm ....... I think perhaps Aphrodite herself will be a better match, in her purest form. Initial assays are promising! More on this later ...

    All the best,
  4. Well, leMdM, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad to have to go back to my seat, return my tray table to its upright and locked position, etc., etc. But c'est la vie! It was a hell of a ride - first class all the way. Thanks for hosting the party - It was extraordinary! I look forward to the next one ...
  5. Hero! White Knight! So thrilled was I to be on your flight!
  6. I am building quite a wardrobe - going through a "sowing my wild oats" phase, fragrantically speaking. I think within a year I will cull the herd significantly and dump the ones that aren't working out (and there are more than a few). I've only worn CDG original once so far, and I'm not sure what I think of it yet. Its one of the strangest things I've smelled so far. It reminds me of something but I can't quite remember what. I can believe it has medicinal properties!
  7. That's quite a list in your wardrobe, VC! Mine looks paltry by comparison! (I stock volume though) I see you tried Comme des Garcons (original) parfum: What did you think? I bought this perfume, which caused an huge revolution in its time, the minute it hit the shelves in a posh shop in Amsterdam called "Reflections." That night, I wore it to dinner at a restaurant in the 9 straatjes called de Belhamel, and, LOL, got kicked out because "I had on too much perfume" -every time I see that restaurant, I cringe: I was so embarrassed! I still love CdG, though: 20 years later, I can now wear it!
  8. And a very merry Christmas to you! For your homage to Bal a Versailles - Bravo! (forte, with an extravagantly rolled "r" to get the proper effect). A Tour de Force that soars and swoops, but also works beautifully as a review - a nice bonus!
    le MdM
  10. The worst that could happen: Your white underwear gets stained in #160 Bal de Mai!
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