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  1. I tried Sous Le Vent recently, courtesy of Larimar. I liked it a lot, but it just seemed too weak / expensive. I'd have to apply like it's an EdC. Derby is like SLVs rougher brother - stronger and grungier. More my thing.

    I can barely recognize Mitsouko as a chypre, so who am I to say? I'm still in perfume grade school. The classic Guerlain chypres are so soft and "Guerlainic" that I have trouble recognizing the structure, I suppose. Now Chamade, SLV and Derby - those are pretty obvious, even to me. Have you tried Chamade?
  2. Oops - double post.
  3. Maybe VdN is a chypriental or an orienypre or something...there is oakmoss in there, that's why I went for must smell Sous le Vent! Have you already?
  4. Chypres have become my thing lately. I can't get enough of them! I'm probably going to end up getting a bee of Derby before long - I may try to get a split going for a 1000ml if I can find the motivation.

    Wait - VdN is a chypre? I thought it was sort of an oriental with an aldehydic opening. It seems very soft and sweet for a chypre, not that I'm an expert.
  5. We are Vol de Nuit tester twins! i have that exact one! I do like the scent, which is odd because Chypres are not usually my thing. Plus I have a huge unopened bottle of Sous Le Vent, as well as Vega....oh my.
  6. You're wearing VdN! I just happened to check my SoTD and saw you at the top of the list. Which one? Coincidentally, I just got a bottle of the parfum - a tester. I just discovered it recently - another drop-dead gorgeous JG composition...

  7. I'm glad you like the Kilians. . I hoped you would. Bravo! on getting back on the dance floor. Is the arm back to 100%? You need to be careful when doing those airflares.

    Thanks for the extra samples, too - especially the FdE. That stuff is like liquid gold.
  8. I was so pleased with the By Killian samples, that I haven't even smelled the ones I requested. I actually danced Tango for the first time since January last weekend. How are you?
  9. Thanks for the feedback Fleurine. What did you think of the Hairy Taj and the Habanita?
  10. It is amazing how much less cool James Dean looks with those glasses! I haven't seen Giant, but I really should. It was filmed in one of my favorite parts of Texas - the area around Big Bend. The production basically took over the town of Marfa, which I think probably has more tumbleweeds than people.
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