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  1. Those two clowns are James Dean and Liz Taylor on the set of Giant, an epic drama (with Rock Hudson starring) about the Texas oil biz...of course James Dean is the ranch-hand-turned-oil-tycoon, a high plains drifter type. Liz an East Coast gal who moves out there with her then-hot husband Rock.
    Thanks for the pic of AH. That movie is so sweet, but BaT, the Truman Capote book, is very sad to me.
    BTW...I recently copied your purchase of RBDC, but haven't received it yet...
  2. Fleurine - where the blazes did you dig that up, and what is it?! Liz Taylor on the set of National Velvet? If so, California, I guess (or maybe Kentucky?). She seems too old in the pic though ...

    Anyway, because you've reactivated my Audrey Hepburn obsession, and I imagine you walking around Manhattan looking fabulous ...

  3. OK, this is a photo that might be from Texas, or is it California?

    Liz before her fragrance career>
  4. Hey, Fleurine - I did pop open the RBDC. I dabbed a little on the back of my hand, amd my first impression is that it definitely has that Caron feel. The waxy jasmine iris Caronade base is the first thing I noticed. I seem to be hypersensitive to this, as all the Carons smell like this to me at first until I get attuned to their differences.

    I dribbled some into the bath with my kiddos to try it that way. It wasn't very strong in the bath, but it was a bubble bath, and I think maybe the bubbles trap the scent. My little monsters came out of the bath delicately scented - kind of a pale green floral is the best way I can describe it, but I'm sure my perceptions will change as I learn it better.

    As a GD, I'm sure you will appreciate it, and it's dirt cheap even in the vintage. Just do it! I'll trade you decants so we can compare the old and new. It'll be fun!
  5. Dear Rubegon: I have no clue who is in the photo on Le MdM's profile...hopefully a real French couple. I loved the way the photo evokes a Paris of years ago, much in the same way Le MdM is able to do with his incredible prose...
    I am still thinking about a photo for your profile. I am inches away from bidding on a bottle of RBDC online. Have you opened yours?
  6. Fleurine - thanks for accepting my friend request! I love that photo you posted on MdM's profile page - it somehow captures the feel of Paris perfectly. Is that Audrey Hepburn?
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