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  1. I've been willing to try some of those ELd'O, but I find this big sample coffrett a little bit too pricey. And just by reading their frag descriptions I know there would be many I wouldn't like, do I went for HdP. Next discovery purchase - Parfum d'Empire
  2. Hi Lucasai.
    I started with ELdO, also within the last 6 months. Their sample batch is of 25 scents and at many retailers they offer the purchase price of the samples as a voucher to use against a FB of an ELdO. Definitely worth a go. I'm loving BN as you obviously are too. Thank you for the message
  3. Hope you'll enjoy your 12-element set from Histoires de Parfums. I remember when I got mine (also 12). That was my first niche experience at my very beginnig at Basenotes. And it was only few months ago. Now I feel like I've been here for ages.
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