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  1. Hey, your mailbox is full again. email me (or send paypal to using "gift" option so they don't charge 3% for the transaction) I have the other participants sending me funds now for the Noir de Noir split. It's $2.06 per additional ml if you want up to 10ml more. Atomizers hold up to 60 ml. Thanks!
  2. I plan on picking up Noir de Noir on Wed. Can you send payment by Tues?
  3. Would you be interested in more than 50 ml on NdN? I might pull the trigger sooner if each take on a little more. Let me know the max you are in for.
  4. Please let me know - seems rather haphazard. What happens if the split is full and one or more don't pay, back to square one ?

    Let me know if there's firm commitment from the others, Im firm, but if I do find another source that's ready to go I would likely go with it.
  5. It's very random. I think its been up a couple of weeks. I also have one other guy who might be interested and sent him an email to get an answer.
  6. from your experience, do you know how long you would expect it to fill the last spot ? How long has the NdN split been open so far ?
  7. I need one more person. Unless you want 100 mls.
  8. How long before the split will be full and decants ready to be shipped ? I'd rather have it sooner rather than later, and attending a vampire party next week.
  9. You mailbox was full. I will put you down for the Noir de Noir split. Thanks!
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