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  1. Hello! How lovely to hear from you. I haven't been around much. Llife stuff. Too busy. I had noticed that you hadn'e been around mucn either. I will send you a proper message soom. I hope that you are OK

    L x
  2. Heya, dear, long time no see, how are you doing?
  3. Hi there! At the moment it's gray and we have a snow + rain now. So very not spring yet. We still have to wait for the season to come here. You're invited And I'll be happy to give you a tour around
    Caligna is very mediterranean, similar to Un Jardin Sur le Nil from Hermes, not really my kind of stuff.
  4. Hey honey. Day off, great! Hows the weather in Poland? I will get over there one day. Lots of my frieds have been. How are you finding the new LP? I read about it the other day. Sounds very interesting.
  5. Thank You for the birthday and Easter wishes my dear friend. xo
  6. Happy Easter auntie Foustie!
  7. Happy Birthday auntie Foustie! Have a well scented day and another perfumed year ahead of you!
  8. LUCAAAAAS!!!!!!! I just saw your post that you passed your resit. yyyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyy yipppeee aye oh!. I am so happy.
  9. You smell great today! Kiss My Name is such a joyful perfume! I'm really enjoying my sample.
  10. Good Luck in your Exam my friend. Will have more time to talk soon!
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