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  1. I'm happy I could become Andy's Elf I followed Advent Calendar last year too and didn't win anything either. Still hoping to win something this year!
  2. Wow Lucas! It so nice that you are helping Andy in his Christmas giveaway! I followed it last year, didn't win anything, but it was fun. How wonderful of you to host this!
  3. I was born in the winter too and I know what you mean. There is certain melancholic magic about winter, especially when snow is falling. This Rose Anonyme sounds very good, I would have to try it one of these days. My current rose obsession is Rose 31.
  4. Yes, I like autumn. Honestly, I'm a winter person, cold colors suit me best, and I was born in winter Also like wearing denser fragrances when this time of year comes. Don't have many of them, buy Rose Anonyme (my latest love which will result in bottle soon) might do just enough for autumn and winter season. It's gorgeous and quite dense.
  5. Oh, you are lucky! It's always exciting to have new goodies to smell, especially when "just because," and it seems that you have very pleasant temperatures. I really do like autumn. Do you? I am already anticipating a time when I can wear heavy, spicy, fragrances.
  6. Last week we had 30*C almost everyday, this week it osctillates between 24 and 28*C but coming autumn is already visible, and there's some rain due to fall soon. I'm doing fine. Sampling lots of new things, got a large package of samples from the local niche perfumery, just because, they wanted to make me happy
  7. Yes, just came back from my walk and it was way hotter than advertised 22 C, more like 32 C already. I am really hoping for temperatures to go down...How have you been?
  8. Hiya! How are you doing? I see you expect some nasty high temperatures in your region
  9. You're a sweetheart too, don't forget that!
  10. Thank you, Lucas! You truly are a sweetheart!
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